Lee is the owner of Weipa Sports Fishing, as well as being one of the guides. He leads the team with experience and enthusiasm, driving the commitment of providing guests with the very best possible fishing trip of a lifetime. As a guide and business owner, Lee has a total commitment to customer service. He lives and breathes fishing and when he isn’t working, he’s out fishing himself. He loves fly, lure and spear fishing. He’s lived in Weipa since 2006 and started Weipa Sports Fishing in 2010. He knows these waters like the back of his hand and will do his very best to ensure he puts you in the right place, at the right time to land the big one.


Wade grew up fishing the rivers and weirs of the Gold Coast as a youngster. Even then, his passion for fishing was clear. At 16, Wade got his first job on a commercial prawn trawler, as a decky. He then jumped ship to charter fishing, chasing Marlin off the south east Queensland coast. He quickly became a well renown game fish deckhand, winning many tournaments including the Lizard Island Billfish Tournament 2 years in a row. Wade has fished most of the east coast, from Port Stephens to the tip of Australia and the Gulf, both chartering and commercially. His extensive knowledge of the ocean and the many different aspects of fishing shows in his life long passion for fishing.


With some 15 years experience as a guide in the Weipa area, Josh Lyon would be one of the most knowledgeable fishers to cast a line in local waters. He is highly experienced in all fishing regimens, be it lure or fly casting, offshore jigging and trolling, or simply walking the bank or beach. His skills range from barra to billfish and all the species in between, an indication of the diversity of the prolific fishery that characterizes the waters around Weipa, that he knows like the back of his hand. He is always ready to advise and assist clients to improve their fishing and has the ability to pull a few ‘fish’ out of the hat when others find the going very tough.


Guide Jack Grinstead brings some very versatile attributes to the crew at Weipa Sports Fishing. Raised in Weipa, Jack moved to Tully in his late teens where he became an outboard mechanic apprentice with a local boating firm. He worked in that industry for 7 years, then crewed as a deckhand on marlin fishing boats before moving back to Weipa and joining Weipa Sports Fishing. All his spare time when he wasn’t working was spent exploring the waters around Tully (and Weipa). If he wasn’t fixing engines, he was out fishing! Jack has comprehensive knowledge of all fishing regimens from live baiting to marlin trolling so he’s always ready to offer the right sort of help and advice when needed.