The barramundi is Australia’s favourite sport fish and the Weipa area is home to a very healthy population of these pink eyed, silver sided beauties.


Weipa Sports Fishing operates from March through to December. This is the best time of year for fishing up here. Contact us today to discuss your trip.


Quality sun protection, we’re talking hat, polaroid sunglasses, long shirts and pants, wet shoes and spray jackets. Your camera and your best fishing smile!


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Weipa barramundi are great fighting fish and our guides here at Weipa Sports Fishing, are all very experienced barra fishers. We know when, where and how to catch these renowned fighters. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, our crew can give you plenty of helpful advice to develop your barra fishing skills.

Familiarizing yourself with the tackle used for barra fishing certainly gives visiting fishers a head start, when using the services of a guide. Feeling comfortable with the gear being used, can mean that fish are landed rather than lost, or that lures are cast in productive areas right from the first drift. For this reason, many clients opt to bring their own outfits.


Barramundi Lates Calcarifer has been described as the ‘King of Australian’ fish and it’s certainly one of the country’s finest sporting fish. Whether they are on the line or on the plate, barra are just great.

Weipa is home to a healthy population of wild barramundi, which can be found in the freshwater rivers and inshore reefs.

Barramundi can grow big. In fact, they have been recorded up to 200cm long, weighing up to 60kg! Interestingly, during their life cycle they change sex.

Most barramundi are born as males, changing to females when they become sexually mature, at about 3-4 years of age. They can live in freshwater, saltwater and estuaries and often move amongst all of these environments, at different stages of their life cycle.

Female barramundi are prolific egg producers, but there is a high mortality rate with juvenile barramundi.

The fish itself can almost be described as muscular. It’s certainly powerful in the water and all fishermen will attest to the fight, when a barramundi is on the bite!

At Weipa Sports Fishing we love catching big barra! More than that, we love showing and helping our customers to land one themselves.

Our guides will assist with the tuning of reels, knot tying, rigging of leaders and hook or lure selection to make sure you get the most out of your time on the water.

Catching a barra (or three) is certainly much easier when you use your own tackle and have practised your casting BEFORE your guided fishing trip starts. As the old Boy Scout motto says ‘Be Prepared!’.


The most popular outfit for barramundi fishing is based around a baitcasting or overhead reel. These reels are a little harder to learn to use, but cast very accurately in the right hands once mastered. As experienced fishers are aware, getting your lure or bait right on the spot means a lot more strikes in barra country.

A typical outfit requires a good quality graphite or composite rod from 5ft 6 in (168cm) to 6ft 3in (190cm) long with a medium to fast taper rated from 4 to 8 kg breaking strain line. If gelspun braid is used, a slower tip action assists in reducing the shock of a strike or lunges during the fight due to the ‘no stretch’ property of braided line. Single-handed rods are preferred with a butt section no longer than 12in (30cm).

Good quality baitcaster reels that hold around 120 to 150 metres of 8 to15kg breaking strain braid are preferred. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a reel, the easier it will be to cast. There are plenty of great baitcasters in the $200 to $300 range from brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, ABU and 13 Fishing. Be sure to load the reel spool with a short section of monofilament line before filling with braid to within 2mm of the top edge. Too little line will reduce casting length, too much increases the likelihood of overruns. Tackle shop staff (and/or our guides) can show you how to adjust your reel for the casting weight of the lure or rig used.

A spinning outfit featuring a good quality fast taper rod around 7ft (2.1metres) in length coupled with an eggbeater reel in the 3500 to 4500 size range that will hold around 150 metres of 10kg braid makes an ideal second barra outfit. This is a great rig for casting light soft plastics or lightly weighted live baits and can be very accurate in the right hands. It can also double as a medium sized offshore spinning rod and used for casting to tuna, trevally and queenfish.

See the tackle page for more helpful hints on bringing your own tackle.